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Why do women want to "keep it in the family"? One of the reasons is to be able to show children that they are the center of their universe. Men have to learn not to feel inferior to a woman when they can no longer dominate and dominate her. Another reason is to get pregnant and then get rid of it in the future. When women start with the intention of not having a family, they may have children before their fertility is fully functioning. Many women are in situations where they want to keep it all to themselves, but in their hearts they want a child. Why does this matter? The longer a man has children, the harder it is to divorce. For example, the man may not want to let his kids go to college, or they may want to raise a family and he would never be able to afford to. In these cases, he may not want to divorce, but he may still be too embarrassed to say so to his partner. So he will be stuck with the child and the wife. If the woman marries the child, the husband becomes a prisoner of the child.

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