Revealed: protein bars - THIS is the truth!

Here's a list of which protein bars I have personally used over the years.

I know it will seem a bit long winded for a first-time reviewer, but here goes: "1. You should start with 100 grams. For a 1,000 gram bar it's not much more complicated. "2. The higher the protein content, the more weight you should gain. It's the only way to know for sure. "3. Start with 25 grams of protein per meal, with a minimum of 3 servings per meal. "4. The more servings of protein you have, the better the protein bar will be. The more servings, the better your energy, the longer you should be able to last for a full day, and the less you will gain weight. "5. Protein bars are one of the best healthy snacks you can make for yourself. Your body will appreciate them and eat them frequently. " The more people that know this, the more support I'll be able to get. Here's the thing, when I see a recipe that claims to provide 100g of protein (such as "20 grams of protein") I can't help but cringe, even though it's all I need. I know that this doesn't sound like much, but the amount of protein that you can get from one serving is actually huge.

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