Revealed: detoxification - THIS is the truth!

I am not going to give specific instructions for every single person. I am just going to give general guidelines. This page is not meant to replace real medical detox. My goal is to help people get to the point where they can start to get into the habit of using products that will help them detox from their addiction. The products you buy should be products that have been tested to be safe for people that are currently in a detox situation, but will not cause a reaction to anyone else that doesn't have a drug problem. This means they will not be dangerous to people who are not currently in a drug addiction, but will be harmless to those that do have an addiction. I will also include products that are safe for people to use while doing other detox activities, like smoking, drinking, and other recreational activities that people do to help themselves break down any toxins in their bodies. Products that don't contain any alcohol will also be safe to use during detox. If you use alcohol, you must do so in moderation, and not to a point that it can be dangerous to your health.

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Digest It

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